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I'm like Obie Wan
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in Warren Meers' LiveJournal:

Saturday, July 19th, 2003
1:37 am
vampires in love!
Andrew and I crept through the streets of Sunnydale towards the Summers' residence. We hadn't seen Jonathan since he had left the Library in search of more fashionable clothes, but we weren't too worried, we were packing. We attempted to hide the large automatic weapons in our coats, but it looked silly, so we decided to take our chances and carry them in our hands with pride.

"Warren." Andrew said from my side, in the most whinest of his voices.

"What?" I answered as I read the numbers from teh mailboxes aloud.

"What if Buffy's not there? I mean and the whole stealing the weapons and stuff was for like nothing, then will we still hang out anf watch movies? Cause I have a killer Darth craving, and Han's kinda cute..." He said, as he hefted his gun strap higher on his shoulder.

"No." I replied quickly as he kept inching closer and closer to me. "If she's not there, we'll wait for her to get there, I'm in no hurry." I said with a grin.

"Ok, good. I though you were going to say that." He said with a nod and a smile, "so, I brought this." he said rumaging in his pocket, he pulled out yarn an dtwo stitching needles. "I'm working on a sweater." He said with a smile. "It's going to say A and W." He smiled, placing the yarn and needles back into his back pack.

"How nice." I said with an overly fake smile.

"Hey Warren?" Andrew asked.

"What?" I said irratibly, my patience wearing thin. Andrew was alot to handle before he decided he was madly in love with me.

"Isn't that Jonathan over there?" He asked pointing to a lone fingure walkg down the street. "Cause it looks like him, only the clothes are alot nicer, and he looks taller..does he look taller to you..." He asked.

"Why yes, I think it is." I replied with a smile, the trio, back together to defeat the slayer, "Jonathan! Hey buddy!" I said wavign my gun hand madly in the air so he'd see us. Probably not the brightest idea.

He looked up, smiled, since when did his teeth glow? And made his way over to us. "Hi guys! I see you're weilding firearms, i hope you have a license, or it's my duty as a citizento report you to the proper authorities."

My mouth dropped alittle, "wha..?" I began to ask.

Then he parted his lips again, glow, and began to laugh. "I'm only being humorous." He said, and then flashed a smiel to Andrew.

"Wow Jonathan, have you been working out?" Andrew asked. "You look nice." He smiled and gave a little wave to Jonathan.

I smacked Andrew on the back of the head. "Focus!" I said rolling my eyes.

"oww! You don't have to hit so hard!" Andrew replied rubbing the back of his head.

Jonathan gave me a disapproving glare.

"fine! Fine! I'm sorry, now can we just go through with the mission?" I asked begining to walk again.

"What Mission?" Jonathan asked blinking confusedly. Still managing to look manly rugged, and professional. What was his secret?

"The one in which we take these guns." I said motioning to Andrew's gun and mine, "and kill the slayer."

Jonathan looked a little baffled, and then laughed, "Oh Buffy, i just escourted her and Harmony Kendall home from the Bronze as a matter of fact." He smiled, I was really begining to hate him. "She's not too bad of a kisser either."

"Buffy?" Andrew asked questioningly, looking a little hurt.

"No Harmony." Jonathan said, taking a walk down memory lane.

"Oh, cool." Andrew said with an understanding nod.

"Look, I'd love to stay out here and talk all night, really I would, but I think we should get back to the killing of Buffy now." I said with a long sigh.

"I wouldn't if I were you." Jonathan said wiht a talk show host laugh. "Her boyfriend Angel's around, and you wouldn't want to be on his bad side. If what we read was true, we'd all be dead in about 20 seconds. A gun may stop the slayer, but not her lover." He shoved his hands into the pockets of his very stylish pants.

"Jonathan has a point Warren." Andrew said in a whine, "maybe we should so this some other time, I'm getting a cramp, and I'm missing the Rosie O'Donald show." He finished with a smile.

"Fine whatever!" I said throwing my hands up in the air. "You got lucky this time slayer! But next time you will not be so lucky!"

And on that note, the trio ended in a very evil cackle, and turned around.

"So, we can watch Vadar and I can finish my sweater now right?" Andrew asked as we walked away. "Because man, Lea has nothign on Luke!"
Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
3:20 pm
** Johnathan **

I slumped to the floor, everything in the library was wrong. Going terribly wrong, and yet, for some reason or another it felt so right. I looked to Andrew and Warren, they seemed to both feel it too. It was right. So right. Then it washed over me, liek a wave, or something, and I wasn't afraid anymore. I was big, and important, I mean very well endowed. I glanced to Andrew who looked a little, but determined as he made his way to Warren. That wasn't my concern. I had the power, I could be anything.

I looked to the Diet Coke can in my hand, and tossed it to the floor. It made a clink of aluminum and wood, and skittered beneath a book shelf. I looked out upon everyone in the library, and I could label them all, none of them even came close to how cool I was. I walked, no strutted down the stares, I was untouchable. I could woo any woman, and jump any building. I was Clark Kent, just waiting for somethign to happen so I could go superman on everyone's ass.

"Warren. You guys do whatever you want, I'm going out. I need to cruise the town, check for any signs of danger." I nodded, and flashed them an emmy winning smile. I was perfect. I knew everything, every little details, I was jacked in to the system. No denying that. I walked past Cordelia and Xander who seemed to be engaged in some extracirricular activities. "Dont' forget to use protection kiddies." I walked past Willow and Oz, giving the same advise, and the Rupert, the Librarian, and an old friend of his. "You two play nice." I said, once again with my smile.

I looked down to my clothes. "Oh dear, these will never do." I walked out the front doors of the library. I needed to change. The best of beat couldn't be seen in a yellow shirt accompanied with blue stripes, and a pair of jeans. What kind of example was I setting? I began to whistle my own theme song I'd undoubtably have, a large grin on my face. I owned the world.

** Andrew **

There was this liek rumbling in my stomach, and I was thinking about how bad those last two tacos were, and then all of sudden I could feel it, so crystal and clear. I mean it was so a sign, and they had to be acted upon. My love for Warren was clear now. He was the only person on liek the face of the planet I could communicate with. "Warren." I said moving closer to him with every step. "I was kind of hoping we could..talk." I said with a smile. I was dressed in a pale green shirt, with a tan over shirt that was ubuttoned, and a paird of jeans. I knew Warren liked earth tones. I also knew he liked his bagels buttered, but not toasted. The same way I liked mine. We were soul mates.

Warren backed up a little, obviously scared of the passin that burned between us. "Now, we both know how we feel. I mean you cna't deny the power right? I mean it amazes me a way lot." I said with a smile. Warren had backed between a wall and a book shelf. "And I was wonderfing if you felt it to." I said pursing my lips together. "Because then we could you know, be closer, and do umm stuff. Like goign to the mall, or the movies and stuff." I began to stumble over my words. Bad Andrew, you know you're sincere. Now you ahve to make him believe it. "Warren, lately, I know I'v ebeen repressing, and it's because I think i've decided that I love you." I exhaled heavily. "wow. I said the love word. And it felt ok." I nodded looking up to him and awaiting his responce.


** Warren **

It was so weird, the power, is surged through the room, like fire, engulfing everyone there. I mean I saw sights that would make babies cry. The old guys going at it, and Willow and Xander, not only seperated, but with their tongues in new persons. Then Johnathan strutted out like he was hot stuff, reminding the kids to play it self, and then he just left. And now Andrew's stalking towards me with those puppy dog eyes of his spitting something off about him loving me.

"Whoa Whoa, Andrew." I said holding my hands out infront of me. "How about we kill the slayer first." I said my eyes moving in Buffy's direction, as she hooked arms with Harmony. "I mean she seems to be a little out of it...like everyone." I furrowed my dark, heavy brows.

"You don't are about my feelings!" Andrew shot back.

"No, no." I said moving within a safe distance of him, placing my arms around his shoulders, in some vain attempt to comfort. "But for some reason, I really want to kill that slayer. I mean we're talking about nothign but all out need. Buffy Summers can't live." I turned to Andrew with a smile. His new found love could actually be pretty helpful.

"Oh." He said meekly, as I patted his shoulders. "So she's just an object of hate and all?" he asked seeming to calm down. "Because I mean I do love you, but I understand your whole personal vendette against Buffy...actually." He said furrowing his brow, and wrinkling his forehead. "I don't understand, but it's ok." He smiled and nodded.

"Good. Good." I said giving him one last pat on the back. "Now what do you say we find us some high power rifles and go Buffy hunting?" My sense of logic was gone, completely, I wasn't thinking straight...a rifle? What on earth was I doing? But I couldn't help it/.Sense didn't matter. She needed to be..had to be dead, and i could do something about it. I would do soemthing about it.

"Oh, wow." Andrew said. "And then can we go back to your place and watch a Tom Cruise movie and cuddle?" He grinned hopefully, and pleaded with his eyes.

"Sure Andrew." I said a little akwardly. "We'll do just that." I nodded, turned around and rolled my eyes as we walked down the stairs. We needed weapons. Big weapons. And I knew just the place.
2:46 pm
A slayer. Why didn't I see it before. Ok, so before I didn't know who, or what a slayer was, but still, getting sloppy. And are we tlaking boy sloppy. So after consulting the group. (Andrew, and Jonathan.) Andrew said that his brother, Tucker, a very wide known practicionair in the shiney black, anti-good arts, gets alot of his naughty mojo readings from none other than the Sunnydale High Library. Who would have thought. I mean they say they're not teaching us anything in school these days. I mean we've got the witchy black magic, and the school shootings, I mean America is a great country.

After watching a few debatable episodes of Star Trek, we decided that heading to the library was a good idea. It was fairly early, and we were hyped up on popcorn and diet coke. A little book earching for some anti-slayer spells seemed like a good idea. Evil villians were always with the searching for new way to incorporate kyrptonite into the hero's day.

It was standard comic book style. We research, make our monster, or giant ray gun, attack the hero, nearly accomplish our evil deeds, and then our plans are thwarted, and we barely escape with our lives. Then we're filled with so much anger, we try again, and again. it was truly the work of genius. Of course we didnt' plan on being thwarted, and you never attack the hero first. We'd have to do soemthing, break into the capital, hold the governor hostage, or steal precious jewels.

She had to have a reason to hunt us, then we'd be wall with the attacking of her, and her vampy boyfriend Angel. We did a little research on him as well. Andrew found out his name's not really Angel, it's Angelus. Some uber big bad guy back in the day. Got neutered with a soul, so now he fells bad for everything he's done, and has somehow fallen in love with the slayer. What a comic this would make.

I mean we could market this plot, an dI'm thinkgin t.v show atleast. Mayeb shirts, and such for the kiddies. And mayeb even a lunch box, and action figures. This was just spellign marketing madness.

Library. right.

So together, the three of us, walked down the hallway, we needed a theme song. A theme song would make us much more menicing. But alas, we walked, and burst through the doors of the library. I miieadently took off my cap. I'd have to over come these years of programmed manners if I were goign to be evil.

"Ok you two, head out, look for naythign involving the sla..." I glanced over to the perfectly, painted, Barbie sitting in one of the chairs around the large wooden table. I clasped my hands together. "Can I help you Miss Kendall?" I put on a patient smile.

"Oh great." She said, rolling her eyes, putting down her makeup compact. "What are you freaks doing here?" She released an exagerrated sigh.

I pursed mt lips together, til they formed a thing, white l ine. She'd definetly be one of the hostages anytime we decided to take hostages. "We're looking for books. You read them, they have words. Why are you here? Can you read?"

She looked a little upset, but her look quickly melted into that of hatred. "Yes I can read you sci-fi freak! As a matter of fact, I'm waiting for Cordelia. She was supposed to meet me here this morning, and then I run into you loosers. I already had to get up early, how much more pain can I endure for a day?" She asked placing her makeup back into herpink kitty cat back pack.

"Well then we'll just look for our books, and I hope that pruning like the attractive young girl you are, works out for you." I said walking past her up the stairs to join Jonathan and Andrew on their book search.

"God you're a freak." She muttered as she stared back to the door, and burst into off key song.

"Why si she wailing?" Andrew asked. "It's not very pleasant. And That wasn't even Cher's best song." he placed his hands in his pockets until he recieved an unsavory glance from me.

"Oh yeah books." He said with a smiling nod.

"What exaclty are we looking for?" Jonathan asked pulling out a book with a torn cover, that read. 'Conjuring Spirits of the Beyond to Destroy the Chosen.'

I grinned, "Something like that." I said taking the book from his hands, blowing on the cover, attempting to remove the dust. "Perfect."

We stood atop the stairs pouring through the book of spells. Oh flailing, that could work...beheading..I have to check this one out.
Friday, June 27th, 2003
12:39 pm
'I'm to sexy for my hat...' The walls of the Bronze vibratze the old Juke Box music, as we walked in. Strobe lights, multicolored lights, they splashed a wide aray of color, and distorted ones vision.I looked over to Jonathan on my right, and Andrew on my left. "This boys, is fun." I made my hands into fists, and walked in side moving them about in an odd attempt at a dance.

"See," Jonathan whispered to Andrew. "White, no rythm." he nodded and took a sip from the silver, tin, diet Coke hand in his hand.

"I think he's go plenty of rythm. Go Warren!" Andrew said giddily from where he still stood.

Jonathan gave him an odd look, and he just smiled. "Gotta suupport my friend. I'm going to dance now Mr. Fuddy Duddy, you stay here and watch, makes sure to get jealous though."

I turned around with a grin, in time to see Andrew attempting to move onto the dance floor. "Move, excuse me, could you two stop making out so I can get over there? Oh, wow, ok Thank you." I rolled my eyes and continued to scout the crowd, they may think this was a social call, but I had bigger, and better plans for the Bronze tonight.

I attempted to mingle, dancing with the abundency of scantly dressed women. I was quickly joined by Andrew however. "Let's get this party started." He said with a smile, "I brought my boogie shoes." He nodded, at his own fact and then began to break dance.

I looked down to him scooting along the floor trying to break dance, and then trying to stand up since he was only getting stepped on. "Ow, could you not step on that? It's my face..." He finaly stood up, and looked over to me. "Break dancing hurts."

I placed a hand on hsi shoulder, and didn't notice the smile on his face, or the blush on his cheeks. "Andrew, look around you buddy, this place is full of babes, most of them are, intoxicated. Go prowl, be a man, and buy them a drink." I patted him on the back as I made my way further into the mass of moving bodies.

"Oh, ok Warren! I'll prowl." He turned around, a large pout on his face, and made his way back to Jonathan. "Warren told em to prowl."

Jonathan took another sip of his coke and offered it to Andrew. "You want some? It's diet."

Andrew took the drink, huffily, and poutedly drained it's contents. "Oops, sorry." He said handing Jonathan bakc an empty coke.

"You owe me a coke." Jonathan said.

Andrew's eyes lit up as Warren's words played through his mind. 'Go prowl, be a man, and buy them a drink' "Oh ok, the bar's this way." Andrew said leading Jonathan towards the bar to buy him another coke.

I watched as the two of them found somethign to interest themselves, and I walked through the back door, looking up and down the alleyway. I picked up a small silver box, with a tiny lens and microphone on it. I had dozens of these boxes all over town, they were my spy cams, and something told me to check the one at the Bronze. I pocketed it, and walked back into the lights, and noise.

I went to the bar, and tapped the chickle heads on the shoulder, "Let's go, I got what we came for." I turned and walked towards the exit.

"Thank You Mr. Bartender. " I could hear Andrew say.

We exited the Bronze. "What are we gonan do now Warren? The night is young, and plus still got the boogie shoes on." Andrew demonstrated this by attempting some out of date disco moves.

"We're gonna go watch a movie." I said with a smile.

"Oh." Andrew replied, "cool."

Jonathan looked up from his new Diet Coke, andraised an eyebrow. "What about the women and the fun?"

"You guys semmed on top of that in there." I said with a smile as we headed to the van to watch the tape from the Bronze.

"Oh we were all over the honeys."Andrew said.

"Good." I replied, for some reason I wanted desperately to watch whatever was on this tape.
Thursday, June 26th, 2003
2:26 pm
"Clark Kent had the ultimate disguise Jonathan, we've been over this a dozen times." I said, swivleing around in the large, black, leather chair that faced my computer. "I mean it's not even a question. He worked as a newsreporter, and he wore glasses, Superman had perfect vision, he didn't need glasses, and when the original wa smade there were no contacts. I mean his disguise was flawless. The perfect Marvel character, mild mannered reporter by day, and super hero. I mean unlike Bruce Wayne, he was no millionare, so he didn't have fancy cars, and he worked during the day, not just at night like batman. He was simply a far more believeabe character."

Jonathan sat upon his bean bag chair, and slurped his diet coke through his bright pink plastic straw. "I'm just saying." He retorted. "I think by him just taking off the glasses and applying spandex isn't to low profile you know?" Slurp. "He had to look the exact same way. And with all his encounters with Louise, and all the pictures getting put in the paper that he worked for, it should hav ebeen fairly obvious." Slurp.

"Alas, Jonathan, you will never understand the sheer genuis that is Stan Lee." I shook my head, and picked up a bright yellow smiley face tension ball, and I began to squeeze. "Jono, how long have we know each other? Wait, that's not important. How long has it been since we've done something none basement related?" I arched one of my dark bushy brows.

He put his coke on the small table beside his chair. "I don't know.." He said with an over elaborate shrug. He leaned over to the straw and took another slurp. "What is there to do?" He mouth quirked to the side as it had a tendeency to do. Moron.

"I'm thinking dancing, beer, and scantly dressed women." I said rubbing my hands together as I put the smiley tension ball back on the computer desk. "How about you buddy?"

"A brothel?" He asked questioningly, takign a final, long, slurp from his drink, clearing it of it's entire contents. He released the starw noticing that I was eyeing his suspiciously. "I'v enever been to one of those, my mom..."

"No, Jono, not a brothel, though it does sound tempting." I replied. "I'm thinking more local, and legal."

"Oh."He said with a nod, either completely lost, or completely undereducated.

"Hello. The Bronze, loud music, hot babes, and beer for those with a fake I.D." I smiled and nodded waiting for his revalation to hit.

"The who?" He asked, squinting his eyes and wrinkling his brow trying to think.

"Geez Jon, you've lived here how long? Wait, that's not important. Just get Andrew, and the trio will mount up and head out, we're going partying tonight. Try to make a scene." I smiled.

Jonoathan took a final slurp on his now completely empty drink. And stood up, a remarkable 5 feet 3 inches, and walked over to the death star phone to call Andrew, we had a party to attend.

((this is my first live journal post, much less my first live journal rpg, I apologize for anythign i've done incorrectly.-Kevin))
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